Stuti Goyal is an artist born and raised in India. She has been displaced and uprooted several times in her childhood, forcing her to relocate to new cities and schools each time. This made her very versatile, resilient and easygoing. These experiences of meeting new people of many different backgrounds also made her curious of different places, lifestyles and beliefs. Stuti has also travelled to countless countries over the world, always striving to learn something new and that seems to reflect in the themes of her artwork. She believes that in a world where we are all so different, we should make more art about our similarities. As artists, we must share knowledge about our culture with artists from other cultures, so we can feel more confident and comfortable making art about a culture we may not come from. Currently, Stuti is residing in Boston, working on a few different freelance design projects after graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, in May 2020 with a BFA in Illustration.​​​​​​​